Eating fruits daily will definitely help you keeping your body in good condition. But what fruits are really healthy for you? We have given a short list of fruits which surprisingly help you maintaining your body and help you lose weight. You might have consumed below mentioned fruits and that significantly worked out on your body. But you may know some fruits in this article that you have no idea how much it can help you in losing your body weight. Consuming fruits in daily routine lower the risk of serious health problems. So check out these power fruits that will help you losing your weight.

List of Fruits for Weight Loss

Have you ever heard about Super-food? This term have been popular since last 5 years but what exactly does it mean? Okay, Super-food is a food that contains additional nutrients than other foods. It could be a food that contain non essential ingredients that might have some befits to health. So fruits are super-food. Have a look at these fruits that will reduce your appetite and helps you lose some weight.

1. Pears

Pears are rich in fiber and vitamin C. Consuming pears on regular basis reduces the chances of developing type 2 diabetes and also coronary heart disease. It’s very useful in keeping energy level stable and also reduce your cholesterol level. It has a very special property of filling you for the longer time and that helps you losing ugly weight.

Fruits for Weight Loss- Pears

2. Blueberries

Blueberry can be called as natural fat blaster. They are rich in antioxidants and increases your metabolic rate and combat cholesterol, hypertension, and insulin resistance. University of Michigan have tested in laboratory and found that rats eating blueberry have reduces abdominal fat. Also, Texas women’s university have claimed that blueberries are active fat fighters.

Fruits for Weight Loss - Blueberry

3. Apples

We are grown up hearing, an Apple a day keeps the doctor away. No doubt, seeing at immense benefits of consuming apple. Apples reduce your risk of cancer, boost your immune system, and whiten your teeth. We always take apples for the patient, it clearly says how healthy is consuming an apple a day.

But how it’s helpful in losing weight? A Brazilian study revealed women who consumed at least three apples per day lost 33 percent more fat than those who didn’t.

Fruits for Weight Loss - Apple

4. Watermelons

This juicy fruit has become one of the fruits that reduce weight. This fruit is rich in calories and amino acids. A good option to have it when you are on a diet.

The University of Kentucky conducted a research study showing watermelons lower your fat accumulation and improve lipid profiles. Another survey in Spain showed watermelon juice reduces muscle soreness.

These studies clearly shows that this fruit has dual benefits. Consume watermelon as much as you can to lose your weight.

Fruits for Weight Loss - watermelon

5. Grapefruit

Are you familiar with this fruit? If not let me tell you that this fruit is very low in calories. Half a fruit contains only 37 calories. But, recent research/ study showed that having a half grapefruit before meal is beneficial in lowering cholesterol and also helps in reducing your ugly belly fat.

Fruits for Weight Loss - Grape Fruit

Overall, eating fruits daily helps you keeping you body maintained and fit. These 5 fruits you should eat to lose your fat. So, most beneficial and powerful fat blaster fruits are pear, blueberry, apple, watermelon and grape fruit. Consume these fruits and also other fruits with your diet meal and keep fat away.


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