Here’s the best Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss. Indian food is known as the country with the most variety of foods and spices. One can’t resist tasting delicious cuisine and a variety of spices in India. But have you ever imagined if all of these foods are healthy for your health?

Around 80% of the Indian population practices Hinduism. The religion who promotes vegetarian food. Delicious Indian dishes will surely make you tempted to eat but you want to lose your weight then you must follow the diet plan.

What includes in the Indian diet plan and what to avoid, is all about this article. Vegetable-based Indian diet plan for you to be healthy and lose weight. Indian emphasize high intake of plant food like vegetables, fruits, lentils, etc. Indian usually avoid meat food.

Why eat plant-based Indian diet and what food does it include?

Plant based vegetarian Indian diet plan

The plant-based diet is very good for your health, fights numerous diseases. It has been associated with many health benefits. Following plant-based diet/ vegetarian diet can lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, colon cancer and few other types of cancer, helps to reduce Alzheimer’s disease.

A vegetarian diet includes vegetables, fruits which help you get more nutrients. Indian diet includes more vegetables & fruits and low consumption of meat which help to reduce Alzheimer’s disease, according to researchers.

Following Indian Vegetarian Diet will help you lose your body weight. Let’s have a look at what does the Indian diet plan includes?

People in India are influenced by religion, particularly Hinduism. That’s why Indian diet plan encourages Lacto-vegetarian diet. On the other hand, eating meat, fish and eggs are discouraged.

A healthy and perfect Lacto-vegetarian diet included nutritious foods like grains, lentils, dairy, vegetables, fruits and healthy fat like coconut oil. Indian diet is incomplete without turmeric, coriander, ginger, adding rich flavor and powerful nutritional benefits.

Food to include in Indian Diet Plan for weight loss

Indian Diet plan has a variety of foods that you can include in your Lacto-vegetarian diet for weight loss.

Include the above-mentioned foods in your diet to lose your weight. The Indian diet plan focuses on whole and fresh foods flavored with herbs and spices.

Unhealthy Food to avoid in Indian Diet Plan.

Candy, fried foods and soda are not good for your weight loss plan. These foods are also not good for your overall health. Avoid highly processed loaded with sugar food to follow the healthy Indian Diet plan to lose your weight.

Following is the list of unhealthy food that you must try to avoid while following Indian Diet Plan.

One week sample Indian Diet Plan

Along with or in between the meal, adding water, Saltzer and unsweetened tea will keep you hydrated without adding extra calories.

Also, add some source of healthy fats and protein.

This will reduce the chances of overeating as you will feel full throughout the day.

How to lose weight by Indian diet plan

How to lose weight by Indian diet plan

Your daily activity matters a lot when you consider weight loss. Along with the healthy vegetarian Indian diet, you must be active in your daily life. Do consider these following things apart from the Indian diet plan to lose weight.

Increase Physical Activity

To lose your weight, you must burn calories. Physical body activity plays an important role in burning calories. Walking in the morning, doing crunches, squats or skipping at home will help you lose your weight fast at home.

If you are not able to give your time for workout or exercise, increase the number of steps you take every day. Instead of elevator or escalator, try using a staircase. Set your goal to 10,000 steps a day and work up for it.

You can use fitness bands to track your daily activity

Focus on your meal

Few people have a meal while they are distracted. While having your meal, focus on the food and pay attention to your hunger feeling.

Eating your meal in rush could cause weight gain. Eating more slowing will increase feeling and decrease hunger, help to lose your weight.

Consult with your family doctor or your dietician before following any diet plan.


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