Tea introduced as a popular drink among English aristocrats. Now it has become the most popular beverage in the world after water.

Many people prefer to drink tea twice or thrice a day. The tea, which is usually served in the morning, gives a kick start to begin our day to day activities. But the daily consumption of tea is not suitable for health. It is an unhealthy beverage, and most of the people are addicted to it.

There are some tea which can be healthy for you. Let’s understand the basics of green tea.

What is green tea?

Green tea is a type of tea made from ‘Camellia Sinensis’ leaves as well as buds. All major brands of tea, like Black tea, oolong tea, and green tea, are made from the same type of leaves. The only difference is that those leaves are oxidized or not.

Tea leaves are subject to the oxidization process to increase its flavor and taste. Thich gives a dark brown color to leaves, and its called black tea.

Green tea is produced by leaves that are not subject to oxidation. Due to which, it contains comparatively less flavors and tastes but inhibits a large number of health benefits due to nutrition retention.

The recommended process of making Green Tea

It’s necessary to understand the correct procedure of making green tea for maximum benefits. Following the best method of making green tea, maintaining the proper timings and frequency can give amplifying results.

Process of Making Green Tea:

1) Take one teaspoon (per person) green tea leaves.

2) Heat 1 cup of water 150ml in a stainless steel pan.

3) Heat water till its temperature reaches 80-85 degree Celsius (Avoid boiling of water as it reduces its benefits) .

4) Keep your green tea bag or filtered green tea in a cup.

5) Now pour warm water in the cup and keep the tea bag for 3.5 minutes.

6) Press the tea bag to remove absorbed warm water from it.

7) Drink the green tea without any sugar source in it.

8) Initially, it may not activate your taste buds, but you will be habitual with green tea within 5-6 days of daily consumption.

The benefits of green tea are amplified with warm water. This combination increases the digestive capabilities.

Role of Green Tea in weight loss (Weight Loss Benefits)

Weight loss or fat loss depends on a basic principle of calorie deficit. When we burn more calories than what we consume, it causes weight loss.

And the amount of calories you burn depends on the metabolism rate of your body. Green tea increases the metabolism rate of your body which converts consumed food into usable energy resulting in burning more calories. This results in fat loss of the body.

Green tea consumption is more beneficial in weight loss if it is done along with the following lifestyle changes

  1. You indulge a full-body workout in the gym
  2. Include cardiovascular exercises in your daily routine which will increase the metabolism rate even higher.
  3. Drink green tea three times a day,
    • In the morning when you get up
    • 15 minutes before workout and 
    • 1 hour before sleep

Instead of consuming highly saturated green tea, it’s recommended to take the same amount of green tea in 3 intervals – by diluting it

Top 10 Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea has numerous health benefits if consumed on a regular basis. Let us see 10 health benefits of drinking green tea:

1) Green tea reduces cholesterol levels in your body

2) It improves heart functioning and pumping rate

3) It improves the metabolism rate of the body which improves the overall health of body

4) It reduces stroke risk

5) It reduces the risk of high blood pressure.

6) It has anti-cancer properties (rich in polyphenols)

7) It’s highly beneficial for type 2 diabetes patients

8) It reduces Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease risks

9) It reduces risks of Cardiovascular Disease.

10) It improves your immune system to fight chronic diseases

Additional health benefits of Green Tea

Along with the internal benefits of green tea consumption, there are also many benefits of applying green tea externally. Let us see some external green tea benefits:

1) Reduce Dark Circles below eyes

Keep the used green tea bags in the refrigerator to cool. Then keep the cold tea bag on your black circle area of eyes for 3 minutes. Repeat the process twice a day daily for 2-3 weeks. Noticeable reduction in dark circles can be seen with this method.

2) Facial scrubs

Green tea powder from used tea bags can be used for facial scrubs. It is used to create nourishing masks which can be applied externally on the face. Apply the nourishing mask before sleep and keep it overnight. Skin health increases with this home remedy.

3) Skincare and Hair Care Routine

Filtered green tea powder can be used for skincare and hair care routine. It adds shine and luster to your hair. For hair care routine, take 3 or 4 used green tea bags and add it into boiling water. Let is boil for 10 minutes and then let it cool naturally. This mixture must be applied before sleep and kept overnight for maximum results.


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