Easy Exercise to lose weight at home

5 Easy Exercise to Lose Weight at Home

Follow these 5 Easy Exercise to lose weight. These exercise will help you lose your weight fast without going to gym. Getting in shape sounds pretty good but staying in bed and enjoying the sleep feels more comfortable, isn’t it? For people who are quite lazy to go gym and do hard exercise, here are 5 easy but most effective ways to lose wight fast at home. You mind is all set for the workout but your body refuses the scheme 😀 . No worries, being lazy you can still lose your weight by following these five easy and simple exercise on the regular basis. Fitness is not something you can buy on the shop, if you want good body share, you should be ready for the exercise.


One of the best and simple cardio exercise will let your fat burn faster. Surprised? Yes, Walking everyday is one of the great, simple and effective way to burn that ugly belly fat. If you walk 30-45 minuted for at least four to five days every week along with a healthy diet, you will feel the gradual weight loss.

Easy exercise to lose belly fat fast at home


We all know, to lose body weight we need to do regular cardio exercise. Squats are great way to lose inches from thighs but it’s also good for overall body weight loss. While doing squats, your heartbeat increases and gives you the feel of cardiovascular exercise. Here is a simple guide, how to do perfect squats. Your thighs should be parallel to the floor and back straight. If you are a beginner and finding difficulties, you can use chair for the support.

Easy exercise to lose belly fat fast at home- How to do squats


We grown up with this. No need of introduction. Skipping is one of the easy exercise to lose weight fast at home. Skipping is a full body aerobic workout which ultimately helps your muscles. It burns 10 calories per minute. Regular skipping will run your fat away. Start with 10 minutes a day and then increase in the duration with slight variation in style. For example, In the beginning, skip with both legs simultaneously, then one leg at a time and then skipping while running. Regularity in skipping will tone your muscles and increase your stamina as well.

Easy exercise to lose belly fat fast at home- Skipping


Belly fat is one of the major issue of most people. Crunches can run away your belly fan easily. Best for laziest folk, no need to go outdoor. everybody wants to get rid of the abdominal fat. So this is ultimately simple and easiest exercise to lose weight fast at home. Lay flat on your back with your knees bent. Place your hands under your hand and try to pull yourself up towards your knees. It will stress on your stomach muscles. 3 sets 25 repetitions thrice a week (alternate day) to do magic to your body. Approximately 60 calories are burnt up by 6 minutes of crunches in a day.

Easy exercise to lose belly fat fast at home- Crunches


Mostly, we do stretching to get relaxed, but it also helps you for the weight loss. Benefits of stretching are it helps your flexibility, increases your blood circulation (keeps your fresh), relieve muscle tension etc. After you are done with your exercise, 3 minutes of stretching is more than enough for better results. 10 minutes of stretching burns 50 calories.

Easy exercise to lose belly fat fast at home- Stretching

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