Many of the foods you consume on a regular basis is actually a tough task for your stomach to digest. When food is hard to digest, it means that the digestive system takes time to digest completely. Keeping track on what you eat and drink is quite challenging. But, it’s important to know what foods are causing you digestive issues. We have always focused on the comfort of our mouth (taste of the food) but we never think if our digestive system if getting affected or not.

Everyone knows that fast food/junk food isn’t healthy for our body. It affects the digestive system and health as well. We must take care of our health in order to live long. Other than fast foods, there are some foods that we consume on daily basis but our digestive system struggles to digest it.

Here are the 5 most common foods that your body can’t fully digest.

Your body can't fully digest fiber

Your body can't fully digest fiber

Some foods contain insoluble fibers like wheat bran, veggies, and whole grains. For eg., Pasta bread, baked goods etc. Some food contains soluble fibers. Both these soluble and insoluble fibers are not digestible by our digestive system.

Here’s why fibers are hard to digest! Grains are seeds and our digestive system finds it hard to digest. Seeds are structured to produce a plant and not to be digested. All the grains contains Phytic Acid that blocks the absorption of minerals in your small intestine.

Daily life food like bread, crackers, bagels, rolls, sandwiches, croutons that you consume on regular basis is not completely digestible. These grains contain complex protein which is hard to digest by our digestive system.

There are many such high fiber foods that your digestive system finds difficulty in digestion.

Your body finds difficulty in digesting highly processed foods

Your body find difficulty if digesting highly processed foods

Highly processed foods like potato chips, candy, and even your favorite breakfast food contain some ingredients that your digestive system finds difficulty in digestion. These refined foods contain carbohydrates which move through your digestive system quickly, leading to symptoms like bloating, cramping and gas.

When foods are highly processed, various chemicals and additives get added in them that are very difficult for our digestive system to digest and process.

Non-nutritive sweeteners are hard to digest

Non-nutritive sweeteners are hard to digest

Artificial sweetener to your morning coffee might not be the best idea. These sugar-free sweeteners like aspartame do not provide calories. Also, these artificial sweeteners are not fully absorbed by the body, Said the famous manager of fitness programming and nutrition at Virtual Health Partners.

Most of the people are asking, are artificial sweeteners hard to digest? Yes, it’s quite hard for our human digestive system to digest completely. These can be helpful for a few people in some special cases. One reminder to all of your – Food is hard to digest means it takes time to digest by our digestive system.

For some people, dairy products are impossible to digest

dairy products are impossible to digest

One of the most commonly consumed product in breakfast is milk and milk products. But have you ever thought if it’s good your digestive system or not? Dairy products are one of the food group that can be hard to digest.

Everyone knows that milk is rich with lactose. When lactose isn’t digested properly, it causes gas, bloating etc. Consuming milk and milk products in limit is good. But when you consume too much lactose, it goes in the large intestine and diarrhea can develop.

Seeds are quite difficult to digest

Seeds are quite difficult to digest

Seeds and nuts can be very difficult to digest in some cases. Seeds contain phytic acid which is the storage form of phosphorous. The Human digestive system is unable to digest phytic acid. It binds with minerals like zinc and irons. These minerals prevent us from absorbing them.

If you already have an issue with your digestive system, consuming seeds and nuts could make it worse. If you want to consume nuts and seeds, you must soak them overnight to remove phytic acid.

There are many more foods that we consume in our daily life but our body can’t fully digest them. You might get different list of foods on different blogs. Some foods might be harmful for your body/digestive system. You must consult with your family doctor before taking any steps.

Have healthy food, Stay Healthy and live long.


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