Will it surprise you if I say many of the health problems can be resolved/lower by sleeping naked in bed? Yes, Here you will see four surprising benefits of sleeping naked. According to Chris Brantner, a certified sleep science coach and founder of online sleep resource SleepZoo, It’s always better sleeping without clothes sleeping naked has many benefits. For having a good night sleep, all you have to do it stripping down. It lower your blood pressure, you get a better sleep quality and keeps your skin healthy. There are lot’s of benefits of sleeping naked but these 4 benefits will surely surprise you.

Benefits of Sleeping Without Clothes

Get a deeper sleep

You must admit it that dropping in body temperature helps with getting deeper sleep. Your body temperature is the key to fall asleep. Lower the temperature, deeper the sleep. So sleeping naked helps you better sleep.

Lower risk of stroke and heart attack

Have you heard this? Getting less sleep can cause you health issues? Yes, It’s medically proven that getting sleep less than 6 hours can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Sleeping naked can rest you easy which eventually helps in a good sleep and so is helpful for good health. It could also be considered as preventive medicine.

Lower your blood pressure

A study has shown that sleeping naked make your body full in contact with your partner while cuddle. It lower our stress level and help us improve the way we react to life. pre-menopausal women whose level of oxytocin was increased by physical contact with their partners had lower resting heart rates and blood pressure. That means removing clothes allows full blown physical contact. It helps lowering your blood pressure.

Good for skin

We grown up learning that skin is the largest organ of the body and it needs oxygen. Sleeping without any clothes provides a maximum amount of oxygen. In addition, sleeping naked increases airflow to your genitals, which can help prevent yeast infections.


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