The most common exercise yet few people are not aware of how to do tricep dips exercise correctly. Here is the complete step by step guide on how to do tricep dips exercise/workout. You can perform this triceps workout at home as well. Follow the instruction given and read precautions carefully before starting this exercise.

Dips is one of the most effective exercise to build your tricep, in other word you can say- this is the best triceps workout and can be performed anywhere. Know here how to do triceps dips exercise.

How to do Tricpe Dips Exercise?

  1. Make sure your hands are shoulder width apart on a stable bench or block.
  2. Extend your legs in front of you.
  3. Move your butt straight upwards until your arms gets almost straight.
  4. Keep a little bend in elbows so that the tension will apply on your triceps.
  5. Slowly lower your butt towards the floor by bending your elbow.
  6. Lower your body until your elbow are at about 90 degrees.
  7. While your body is lowering down, keep your back close to the block/bench.
  8. Now return to the starting position by moving your body straight up, pressing the bench down to straighten your elbow.
  9. With this, you have completed 1 rep.
  10. Repeat this until you feel stress in your tricep.

Precautions for Tricpe Dips Exercise

This is one of the simplest tricep exercises you can perform anywhere. Even if it seems easier, you can harm your muscles/ body if you doing it in the wrong manner. Follow the proper instructions before performing tricep dips. If you have joint problems then you should use alternate to this exercise to build your triceps. If you have shoulder problems, then you may have to drop the idea about this workout. Consult with the doctor before doing any workout. Following are the common mistakes happen while performing this exercise.

  1. Shoulders are to be kept down (Straight Shoulders), Should not move towards ears.
  2. Focus on the shoulder strain while lowering your body and stop going down if you feel the uncontrollable strain. It may injure your shoulder if you keep moving your body downwards.
  3. When you are at the top position, don’t lock your elbow. It should have a slight bend to strengthen your tricep and to avoid elbow joint injury.
  4. You can modify this exercise in a few ways to make it more or less difficult.



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