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Full Body Workout

Ultimate guide on how to do full body workout for beginners

If you are a beginner and want to build your strength and grow your muscles, we have the best Gym Workout Plan for Beginners. A 7-day split workout plan of full-body workout for the beginners. Mentioned is an ideal workout plan which may or may not suit your body type. Before starting with any workout plan, consult with your trainer or doctor.

In the beginning or starting phase, don’t seek for the advanced exercise. Make your body habit of exercise with these simple and basic workouts and then you may switch to advance bodybuilding workout plan.

Follow this 7-day workout routine to make your body habit of the exercise. With these workouts, you will strengthen your shoulder, abs, legs, back, etc.

Full Body Workout Schedule

Abs Workout

Ultimate guide on how to do abs workout for beginners

We have Gym Workout Plan for Beginners for which we have listed a few simple and easy abs workout plans. These workouts can be done at home without any equipment. These exercises will help you build your abs as well as these will help to lose weight.

Make sure you follow all the instruction before you perform any workout. The wrong exercise can lead to muscle injury. The abs workout will give you overall body strength and obviously will help you build abs.

Abs Workout Schedule

Butt Workout

Ultimate guide on how to do butt workout for beginners

To look good, you must be in shape. Getting your glutes in shape is a challenge. Follow this 7-day Gym Workout Plan for Beginners and see the changes.

Everyone dreams to look good and have a good body. Following this butt workout plan will surely tone your booty. Squats & lunges surely tone your booty up, but few things that matter in building strength are following proper workout exercise instructions.

Have a look at the 7-day split workout plan to tone your butts.

Butt Workout Schedule

Arm Workout (Triceps/Biceps)

Ultimate guide on how to do biceps triceps workout for beginners

Biceps are the easiest means to show off no matter whoever you are impressing. There are plenty of biceps workout exercise but you should choose the correct one if you intend to make bigger & stronger bicep. Here mentioned is the Gym Workout Plan for Beginners.

Biceps are the combination of a long head and short head muscles. Most of the people are unaware of it and choose random workout for biceps. Follow the below 7-day split arm workout if you are a beginner.

Arm Workout Schedule

Legs Workout

Ultimate guide on how to do legs workout for beginners

For the beginner, legs workout might be a difficult and painful workout. Regular exercise will make your body habitual to this exercise. Muscles of legs are the longest muscles of the body and moving large muscle requires more energy and hence burns more calories. Follow this Gym Workout Plan for Beginners.

Some of the legs exercises require almost full-body muscle’s movement and so tons of energy. Legs workout is more efficient for your body if you do it regularly.

Follow these following Gym Workout Plan which is specifically prepared for beginners. If you want to move to the hard level, consult with your gym trainer or expert. The wrong exercise can cause muscle damage.

Leg Workout Schedule


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