It is a must to change every workout program in at least 6 months. Your body hits a plateau when you stick to the same program for a longer period of time. That means your body stops giving results. That’s why we have to keep changing programs to keep our bodies under development.

Here we have brought, a different kind of program for 12 weeks in which you will have a combination of mass gains as well as fat loss. Here we will split 3 months into two parts. First 6 weeks ( first 1.5 months) we will do mass gain and other half of 6 weeks (next 1.5 months), we will do fat loss. At the end of the program you will look shredded, but at the same time muscular as well.

In this workout plan, we will cover the full-body workout in a single day. So that we can burn more calories and have faster results. In this workout plan, you will get rest every alternate day, which will be the biggest plus for you. Due to the workload, your body will become sore and you will need rest for the recovery of muscles.

What is a Full Body Workout?

As the name depicts, full-body workout involves exercising all major muscle groups in our body on the same day. During the full-body workout, we follow 2-3 core exercises of each muscle so that all muscle groups are covered in a workout of 1 hour. A full-body workout gives you the chance to train each muscle group in a time-efficient manner than any other workout routines. It is considered the best workout routine when you workout only for 3-4 days a week.

Benefits of Full Body Workout

There are multiple benefits of following a full-body workout plan. Let us see few benefits of following full-body workout on a regular basis:

  • It increases the muscle recovery rate as each muscle gets rest after an alternate day.
  • Full body workout demands you to workout 2-3 days in a week. So, more time available for sports and other physical activities.
  • Compound exercises done during the full-body workout helps to increase testosterone levels in the body which is necessary for lean mass gains.
  • Probability of hitting training plateau is very low so muscular development is very high in case of full-body workouts.
  • Full body workout is ideal for home workout or park workout
  • It is an ideal workout for sustainable fat loss

Full Body Workout Exercises and Plan

Instead of just providing you the list of full-body exercises, I will provide you with a week-wise plan which you must follow to yield maximum results from the full-body workout.

Things to Remember before beginning the workout plan:

  • In this full-body workout plan, we will work out for only 4 days a week with 3 days rest.
  • We will perform multiple exercises on each day. So, for the sake of convenience, we have divided exercises on Monday, Wednesday and Friday as Workout A, B and C respectively.

Workout Plan for First 6 weeks of Full Body Workout:

Workout Plan
Workout A
Wednesday Workout B
Workout C
Abs & Cardio

WORKOUT A: Workout A will be done every Monday of the first 6 weeks. In this workout we have covered whole body muscles.

WORKOUT B: Workout B will be done every Wednesday for the first 6 weeks. In this workout, we have covered the anterior body portion.

WORKOUT C: Workout C will be done every Friday for the first 6 weeks. In this workout, we have covered the posterior body portion.

Point to Remember

Target one muscle at a time

As we have divided the body into a coronal plane (divided in back and front section), while doing legs on Wednesday, we will focus only on quadriceps. On the other hand, while doing shoulder on Wednesday we will focus only on the anterior and lateral head. Hamstrings, calves,and rear delt will be trained on Friday.


During the full-body workout routine, our muscles are given rest for alternate days. During this rest period, our muscles need good quality nutrition for their growth. This need can be completed by the good quality of protein mentioned below.

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Full Body Exercises for Workout A (First 6 weeks)

You need to do these 6 exercises on every Monday for 6 weeks

Exercise 1: Regular set of bench press

Exercise 2: Regular set of squats

Exercise 3: Regular set of barbell overhead press

Exercise 4: Regular set of Tricep extension

Exercise 5: Superset of bicep curls

a) narrow grip bicep curls

b) Wide grip bicep curls

Exercise 6: Superset of lat pulldowns

Full Body Exercises for Workout B (Next 6 weeks)

You need to do these 6 exercises on every Wednesday for 6 weeks

Exercise 1: Superset of reverse bicep curls and concentration curl.

a) reverse bicep curls

b) concentration curl.

Exercise 2: Superset of incline dB press and decline dB press

a) Incline dB press

b) Decline dB press

Exercise 3: Superset of front dB press and lateral dB press

a) Front dB press

b) Lateral dB press

Exercise 4: Regular set of lunges

Exercise 5: Regular set of cable flies.

Full Body Exercises for Workout C (Last 6 weeks)

You need to do these 6 exercises on very Friday for 6 weeks

Exercise 1: Super set of skull crusher and bench dips

a) skull crusher

b) Bench Dips

Exercise 2: Superset of rope shrugs and DB shrugs

a) Rope shrugs

b) Dumbells shrugs

Exercise 3: Superset of pull ups and chin ups

a) pull ups

b) Chin Ups

Exercise 4: Regular set of deadlift

Exercise 5: Superset set of dB bend-over rows and hamstrings curls

a) Dumbells bend-over rows

b) Hamstrings Curls

Exercise 5: Regular set of rear delt flies

Exercise 6: Superset of standing calf raises and sitting calf raises

a) Standing Calf Raises

b) sitting calf raises

Abs and Cardio Exercise

You need to do these 6 exercises on very Saturday for 6 weeks

You can follow our Abs routine through our specific articles on abs workout.

Option 1: Bicycle

Option 2: Running/ Jogging

Option 3: Treadmill Workout

Option 4: Skipping

Do cardio for a minimum of 15 minutes to Maximum 30 minutes

How long Should You Follow This Program?

As per the full-body workout plan, you have performed these exercises for 18 weeks with an alternate day gap after each workout. This helps in the bulking of muscles. In the next workout plans, you must focus more on cutting and maintaining a lean mass gain. Workout plan will more or less remain the same, but the intensity of exercises will increase.


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