In the 21st century, the lifestyle of human beings have changed a lot. Newer technology is introduced every day to reduce human efforts, due to which physical activity is decreasing day by day. From education to job, from entertainment to games, each and everything has now become digital.

It’s actually the development of the human race but on the other hand it is making us unfit. Due to excess sitting work and negligible physical activity strength, metabolism and stamina of the human body is decreasing day by day.

Can we compromise Career over health?

In order to make a bright career, we need to be focused and dedicated which will demand time. But at the same time, we need to spare at least 45-60 minutes a day for our health. Because once health will be lost, it cannot be recovered. Neither can you regret later. So, the solution is to increase sports, physical activity and follow a daily workout routine at your home.

While working out at home, we will focus more on free weight exercises and other core exercises like squats, deadlift, bench press, dips, double bar, etc which help in overall muscle development of our body. Just make sure that you do cardiovascular exercises once a week. It can be suryanamaskar, jogging, swimming, etc. Because our aim must be to increase metabolism and core strength which will be helpful in the long run, rather than focusing on short term goals like fat loss.

Start workout at your home: Best Solution

If you are too busy in your daily routine, the best solution will be to start working out at home. This will save your time for going to a gym at the same time you can workout at your flexible timings. There are many gym equipment and strength equipment which you can use for workout at your home.

We have written dedicated articles on the exact workout routine for home workout. Moreover, there are many online sources to guide you. You just need to be self motivated to take initiative of workout with the help of the best home gym equipment.

Home Gym equipments for Workout at Home

Location or environment of workout doesn’t matter. If you can workout core muscles for 45-60 minutes / day, it’s sufficient to have a fit and healthy body. You will get the best home gym equipment for home workout which can be easily accommodated in your home. These strength equipment are selected in such a way that targeted workout can be done in limited exercises. So, lets begin with the list of best gym equipment which you must have in your home.

1) MUSCFIT Bodyfit Fitness Leather 20 Kg Weight Plates, 5ft Straight and 3 ft Curl Rod, Home Gym Equipment Dumbbell Set

This is a set of strength and gym equipments which are helpful for doing whole body workout at home:

1) It contains a Body fit 20 Kg Weight Plates,1 rod of 5 feet, Curl Rod of 3 feet, 2X14Inch Rods useful for tricep workout and a,Gym Bag with all necessary accessories as shown in the picture.

2) Having a good grip of the rod is important while doing strength exercises so that correct form is achieved. So, pure Leather Gym Gloves + 1 Gym special Backpack + 1 Skipping Rope + 1 Hand Gripper Pair + 4 Locks And Clippers with the rods help you to grip the weights.

3) Perfect workout can be done with the help of these necessary home gym equipment. Being a beginner, you must aim at getting good form over these equipment so that we can shift to an advanced level of home workouts.

4) All these strength equipment are highly durable and even Long Lasting. So buying best home gym equipment will be a good investment for your health.

2) Kore K-WM Wall Mounting Chin Up Bar with Solid One Piece Construction Bar and Ab Straps Fitness Combo

After buying the combination best home gym equipments, it’s time to buy a highly effective strength equipment which will be helpful for:

1) Pull Ups  2) Single Bar  3) Chin-ups   4)Neutral Grip and Commando Pull-ups  5)Behind the Neck Pull-ups  6)Dead Hang Pull-ups

These are the multiple variations of pull ups and single bar exercises which you can do at your home. This home gym equipment can be easily installed in your house and you can start using it for your workout from the day one.

1) This equipment is specially made for stabilized pull-ups, chin-ups, crunches. After good control over a single bar, advanced exercises of your back, triceps, biceps, lats, shoulder, chest, arms, and abs can also be done with a single bar.

2) You will get 3 grip positions = narrow gap, wide gap and neutral gap.

3) These bar exercises are very convenient and does not require any special arrangement.

4) Just doing pull ups alone can workout your multiple muscle groups of the upper body.

5) Grip strength developed with the help of the pull ups will be helpful for all the other strength exercises.

3) SPORTO FITNESS Olympic Trap Bar, Shrug Bar, Hex Bar, Deadlift Bar

Now it’s time to move on to some serious exercise, that is, Deadlift. For that you will need an Olympic trap bar or a deadlift bar. This bar can be used for multiple exercises so it’s a must by strength equipment.

1) This deadlift bar can withstand weight up to 340 kg

2) It has a Diamond knurled handle which helps in good and secure grip.

3) Deadlift increases the fat burning process and best for targeted weight loss.

4) After doing deadlift, Better Posture is obtained for strength training exercises.

5) More Muscles are Worked in less time in deadlift exercise. So, prefer this exercise when you have low time.

6) This exercise also increases the hormone supply in the body.

7) Exercises done with this strength equipment increases the strength of your muscles, tendons and ligaments which can prevent injuries.

4) Colado Fitness Adjustable Dumbells Set with Gym Shorts 10 Kg Weight Plates (Rubber) + 1 Pair of Dumbbell rods ( Additional Dumbell Sets )

After 2-3 months of home training, you will need to increase the weights for more robust workout. For that, you will need adjustable weight dumbbells which you can customise as per your set.  

Simple home gym equipments which will improve your gym efficiency

1) BSITFOW Assistive Abdominal Chest and arm Muscles Exercise Adjustable Assistant Fitness Equipment

Assistive Abdominal Chest and arm Muscles Exercise Adjustable Assistant Fitness Equipment Suction Cup Home Workout Healthy Abdomen Press Leg Support

2) Multi Gym Bodybuilding Cable Fitness Equipment

Heavy Duty Triceps Rope Attachment Pull Down/Extension Multi Gym Bodybuilding Cable Fitness Equipment

3) Home Gym Fitness Exercise, Strength Training (Multicolour)

Zofey S Shape Push Up Bar Stand Pair Work Out Stand with Comfort Grip Chest Press, Home Gym Fitness Exercise, Strength Training (Multicolour)

4) Adjustable Multi-Function 5 Rubber Tubes Chest Expander

Adjustable Multi-Function 5 Rubber Tubes Chest Expander/Chest Developer/Rubber Rope/Chest Flexor/Muscle Pulling Exerciser/Muscle Workout Stretcher Home & Gym Equipment

JoyFit - Weight Lifting Straps, Wrist Protector for Weightlifting

  • Hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial
  • Excellent choice for the serious lifter
  • Adjustable wrist support keeps the wrist in the correct position while training

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