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After reviewing more than 30 Best Adjustable Dumbbells, here’s the winner adjustable dumbbell for you.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

Dumbbell is one of the most coomenly used equipments for doing exercise which covers a variety of exercises. From the very basic exercise to heavy exercises, dumbbells help you strengthen your muscles. 

Having a wide range of dumbbells isn’t possible for a common man like a celebrity, after all. Keeping an adequate home gym can be a challenge for many, but Adjustable Dumbbells can be a solution.

Compact, versatile weights and cost-efficient adjustable dumbbells will allow you to quickly change the weights you’re listing and give you a variety of weight sets. 

The Adjustable dumbbell will give you a range of weights that usually takes an entire rack in your gym. People who workout at home, should buy the best adjustable dumbbells for easy access and it can fit into a corner. These are the best adjustable dumbbells for the home gym.

It’s recommended to have a set of adjustable dumbbells for any time workout without actually acquiring the large space at home. When building muscles, improving strength and staying fit is a choice, then no situation can keep you apart from doing exercise. 

Adjustable dumbbells are rapidly growing for people who workout at home. Even though they take a space of a single set of dumbbells, they can give you as much variety as the entire rack of your gym gives you. 

These revolutionary adjustable dumbbells are one of the best solutions for those who want to workout at home but have a space issue.

So, let’s have a look at the top 7 best selected adjustable dumbbells.a-P

Top 7 Best Adjustable Dumbbells

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

Weight Settings
5 to 52.5 lbs

No. of Settings

Pros & Cons



Bowflex SelectTech 552 comes with 30 different dumbbell weights (15 sets in each dumbbell from 5-52 lbs). It’s compatible and can fit in any corner of the house. Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbell helps you access more range of weights and occupy less space and hence it’s the best adjustable dumbbells for home gym.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbell provides a complete workout with minimal equipment at low price. So It’s space efficient as well as pocket efficient.

We personally recommend this adjustable dumbbell as it’s highly appreciated on Amazon and has the most positive reviews.

Specifications of Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Weights

  • It eliminates the need for using multiple dumbbells which reduces the space required for workout.
  • Best suited for home workout considering is adjustable property, ease of use, easy to switch weights and portable nature. 
  • With the help of a unique dial system, you can “Combine 15 sets of weights into One” which can be a prerequisite while performing high endurance exercises. 
  • Being a beginner, you need to develop a good form over exercises by lifting low weights. This can be easily possible because its weights can be adjusted from 5 pounds to 52.5 pounds. 
  • Moreover, you can increase 2.5 pounds at a time up to the first 25 pounds. So, you can gradually increase your weight lifting capacity. 
  • Two year warranty is provided on weight plates and its parts.

Specifications of Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells

  • Solid cast iron core material is used as a building material in this dumbbell. This strong construction material assures that it will not break or bend after repeated use
  • This dumbbell has color coded dumbells with innovative anti rolling shape to avoid skidding while in use. 
  • This dumbbell is coated with a non-slip neoprene coating due to which you do not need gloves while working out.
  • Whole body workout can be accomplished with the help of this adjustable dumbbells
  • It is a Compact, convenient, and easy to use dumbbell in your compact workout space.
  • Knurled surface is provided to avoid slipping of stainless steel rod in your hand.

Specifications of CAP Barbell Adjustable Dumbbell Set

  • It consists of star lock collars with rubber O-Rings which keep weight plates securely fashioned while weightlifting.
  • It is a multi-purpose dumbbell with Compact design which makes this set convenient and easy to use
  • It has a 17-Inch Diamond Knurled chrome handle which is manufactured from cold rolled steel with medium depth diamond knurling which makes the grip secure. 
  • These plates can also be mounted on a barbell bar as they are made to fit standard size of 1-Inch handles and bars. 
  • High-grade cast iron is used  as construction material for plates. Moreover, black epoxy finish prevents plates from rust and corrosion for years
  • This adjustable dumbbell consists of 2.5 lbs, 5lbs and 10 lbs plates with a 4 star lock collar for safely mounting the plates.

Specifications of PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells

  • Its robust and compact design increases the durability of the product. 
  • This adjustable dumbbell provides adjustable weights in the rage of 5-50lbs per hand. 
  • Increment of 2.5 lbs facilitates gradual increase in weight as per improvement. 
  • Range of weights available in dumbbells are 5, 7.5, 10,15, 17.5, 20 25, 27.5, 30, 35, 37.5, 40, 45, 47.5, 50 pounds per dumbbell. 
  • Even after exceeding 50lbs, you can add external weights to increase weight upto 70 and 90lbs
  • This highly durable product has 10 year home use warranty
  • You can replace 16 pairs of dumbbells in the space of just 1 dumbbell.

Specifications of Merax Deluxe 71.5 Pounds Adjustable Dial Dumbbell

  • It is an adjustable dial dumbbell which facilitates rapid switching from one exercise to the other due to ease of changing weights.
  • You need not buy multiple dumbbell sets because this one Adjustable Dial Dumbbell facilitates adjusting the weights as per your requirement. It can save your time as well as space. 
  • Each dumbbell can be adjusted from 11 lbs to 71.5 lbs. So, it’s recommended for beginners as well as pro athletes.
  • Merax Deluxe Adjustable Dial Dumbbell has a small increment of 5.5lb which facilitates gradual increase in weights. 
  • Worldwide Two Year Warranty is available on Merax Deluxe Adjustable Dial Dumbbell

Specifications of Core Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell

  • Major feature of Core Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell is that it possesses “TwistLock technology” which reduces any chances of injury due to twisting or slipping of dumbbell
  • Quick changing of weights and customizing our sets is easily possible. Due to which you can shift between the exercises in fraction of seconds.
  • Comfortable and secure grip control is provided with the help of textured, contoured and soft grip handle design. 
  • Storage of these dumbbells can be done easily due to its compact design. These dumbbells can be transported and used at any remote location with true dumbbell feel.
  • Easy weight adjustment is possible from 5 to 50lbs depending on your requirement. 
  • This dumbbell has 2 Year Parts Warranty

Specifications of ATIVAFIT Adjustable Dumbbell 71.5 Pounds Fitness Dial Dumbbell

  • It is a durable dumbbell set made up of stainless steel material coated with chromium.
  • It is 100% safe from rust and corrosion for lifetime due to the high quality coating materials used.
  • “All-in-One design” of this adjustable dumbbell makes it a convenient equipment for home workout. 
  • It consists of adjustable Weight due to which each dumbbell can be adjusted from 11 lbs to 71.5 lbs with increment of 5.5 lbs
  • All Sets can be performed for every area of your body with variation of exercises like shrugs, lunges, curls and raises 
  • One of the best durable dumbbells in this particular range of gym equipment.

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