As many people are looking for how to lose face fat. we have shared 7 best and effective tips to lose face fat at home easily. Having excess body fat is a common scenario in today’s world. Due to sitting office work, less exercise and poor body mechanism, the food we eat gets stored on our body in the form of fat. This fat accumulates on various body parts mainly abdomen, breasts, thigh, neck and even shoulders. But how is this fat accumulated on the human body and is this process of fat accumulation same for all body types? Definitely no. Let’s have a look at a few common body types. Because face fat accumulation varies from body to body.

If you are facing the issue of excess face fat, then most probably your body type is Endomorph which has a natural tendency to store body fat on different body fat including face. In this type of body type, if you want to maintain the body fat percentage and reduce face fat, you need to increase your metabolism with some exercises and dietary changes. In this detailed guide, we will see the science behind face fat accumulation and tips to reduce face fat with the help of different exercises, yoga and diet. So, keep patience till the end of this article.

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Our body stores energy in the form of fats. When we consume more calories than the daily calorie requirement of the body, this excess food gets stored in our body in the form of Fat (energy sources). This stored fat is used by the body when there is a deficit of calories. But we keep on consuming excess calories on a daily basis with no physical exercise. This results in fat storing on various body parts mainly abdomen, breasts, thigh, neck, shoulders and even face. This stored fat on the face is called ‘Face Fat’. 

How to get rid of double chin

Is Double Chin and Face Fat the same condition?

Double chin is a form of sub mental fat, which is a common condition in which a layer of fat forms below your chin. It can be genetic as well as caused due to unhealthy lifestyle habits.

‘Double chin’ is also a cause of excess face fat. When overall fat percentage of the body is reduced, face fat also reduces along with double chin.

What are the causes of ‘Face Fat’?

‘Face Fat’ is common type of fat storing process but it is caused mainly due to following reasons:

  • Increase in Overall Body Fat Percentage
  • Increase in Sodium Intake through food
  • Less physical movement and lack of exercise
  • Excess Stress
  • Low metabolism rate
  • Excess consumption of fast food (Saturated Fat)
  • Unhealthy lifestyle habits

Along with above parameters, there are some specific exercises, yogic practices, face movements, dietary changes, etc which will solve your problem of ‘how to lose face fat fast’ along with reducing overall fat percentage of the body.

Can we reduce face fat in the first place?

How to reduce face fat

It is necessary to know that ‘Spot Reduction’ of Face Fat is not possible (Same is the case with abdominal fat or any other fat deposits on body). So, in order to reduce face fat, you need to reduce overall fat percentage of the body.

Just doing ‘facial exercises’ will not help in face fat reduction. But doing facial will increase the process of face fat reduction if it’s done along with other fat reduction exercises mentioned below.

10 Effective Exercises for Overall Fat Percentage Reduction

Here is the list of 10 Effective Exercises for Overall Fat Percentage Reduction. These exercises will not just help to reduce the fat percentage, but will also develop lean muscles which will make you fit in the long run.

  • Rope Skipping
  • Running
  • Bicycle Riding
  • Swimming
  • Push Up Burpees
  • Battle Ropes (Highly Recommended)
  • Zumba
  • Mountain Climber
  • Climbing Stair
  • Jumping Jacks

Doing the exercise with proper form is also equally important. So, Check this detailed article where you will get ‘Step by Step Process’ of these 10 Exercises along with live demonstration:

Is Facial Massage Helpful to reduce Face Fat?

Facial Massage improves circulation, relaxes muscles, and tones the face. But it will not directly help to reduce face fat. Instead you can follow the facial exercises to accelerate the fat loss process of the face (along with above fat loss exercises):

How to lose face fat ?

1) Fish Press Exercise

How to Lose Face Fat


Suck in your cheeks tight and pucker your lips like a fish. Fill the air in one cheek and hold it for 5-6 seconds. While holding, try to exert pressure radially outward from mouth. Do the same for the other cheek and repeat the process 10 times.

2) Jaw Flex Exercise

This facial exercise will help you to reduce face fat, double chin and develop a sharp jawline.

Variation: Maintaining a wide smile during this exercise will add more stress on face fat resulting in sharp and toned jawline.

How to Lose Face Fat


Bring your lower lip on your upper lip and throw back your head and stretch your neck to create tension in the neck. Keep your eyes fixed on the sky and hold the position for 10-15 seconds.

Diet to Reduce Face Fat

Diet to Reduce Face Fat

Follow a Low Carb Diet which will help you to lose body fat in 3-4 months of time. This diet plan majorly focus on:

  • Protein must be the major source of energy
  • Minimizing carbohydrate containing foods (Preferring Long Chain Carbs)
  • Completely avoid Sugar Intake
  • Eat only good quality fats (No saturated Fat)
7 Day Diet Plan Veg & Non Veg

7 Day Indian Diet Plan for Fat Loss

Step-by-Step Diet Plan that’s easy to follow & proven to lose weight by eating everyday Indian Food

How to Lose Face Fat in 7 Days?

Any function or Even is around the corner and you want to lose face fat instantly. Here’s how you can lose face fat in 7 days.

It’s possible to reduce face fat and look toned with some tips which you need to follow 7 days before the event (apart from above exercises):

how to lose face fat

1) Reduce Sodium Intake (Negligible or no salt for 6-7 days before function)

2) Reduce water intake for these 7 days. Especially very low water for the last 2 days before the event.

This trick will help you to look toned and reduce face fat fast. This is possible because water retention from face is negligible in these 7 days.

7 Tips on “How reduce Face Fat”

  1. Focus on overall Fat Percentage Reduction,as spot reduction is not possible
  2. Reduce Alcohol Consumption
  3. Reduce Sodium intake which retains water in face (sodium bloating)
  4. Add cardiovascular exercises in your workout routine
  5. Completely cut down sugar and refined carbohydrates
  6. Stay Hydrated (3-4 litres of water daily)
  7. Bring lifestyle changes in diet and exercises (No short term Goals)

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