One of the common and major problem of most people. This is the common problem showed in both men and women. Everyone wants to get rid of pimple fast and instantly. Pimples/ acne on your face make you look faded. Whitehead acne are usually seen while puberty or adolescence. But it’s true that pimple can affect people of any age group. During puberty or at the time of hormonal changes, your skin secrets more oil and this is the reason you have more acne on your face during this phase. Your skin has small holes (or pores) that are connected to the oil glands lying under your skin. These glands produces oily substance called sebum. When these follicles gets clogged, you suffer from the acne. So what really causes acne or pimples on your face?

What causes pimples (on your face)?

How to Get Rid of Pimple Fast at home

There couple be many reasons for the acne or pimples. Not drinking water regularly/ sufficient could be the most common reason. Additionally, your beauty products/ skin creams can also cause the acne. Moreover, what you eat and when you eat could also be one of the reason for the pimples. There are other factors too responsible for your face pimples like Genetic, Hormonal, Drugs, Smoking etc.

1. Following an unhealthy diet

For healthy life you should have healthy and balanced diet. Your balanced diet may reduce your many health problems and gives your all the essential nutrients. A healthy or balanced diet consisting all the nutrients and minerals is good for your health as well as your skin. Unhealthy or junk food (and oily food) can have very bad effect on your skin. Not eating on time can also be the major factor for having pimples or acne. Try eating fruits and vegetable most of the time to keep your skin fresh and for good health. it’s okay to enjoy junk food occasionally. Along with this, drink sufficient water daily.

How to Get Rid of Pimple Fast at home -Diet

2. Touching your face frequently

We are habitual to touch our face frequently even if there is nothing to do. Touching your face may or may not cause the acne/ pimple but it makes your skin worse. Frequently touching your face with hands full of germs and dust makes your skin dirty and in result it may cause pimples. Wash your hands time ti time to avoid germs and dust on it which may decrease the rate of impurity on your face while touching it and also keep your hands off your face.

How to Get Rid of Pimple Fast at home - Dont touch your face frequently

3. Lots of stress

In the life full of struggle, we suffer from a lots stress. But do you have any idea that taking stress is one of the major reason for acne or pimples. Taking too much of stress can produce stress hormones that stimulate oil glands and it results in the pimples. You can control your stress by 15-20 minutes of yoga or meditation everyday.

How to Get Rid of Pimple Fast at home -Stress

4. Using wrong hair products

Have your ever thought, you hair product can also be the reason for acne or pimples? Yes, it’s true. Products that you use for your hair treatment like shampoo, conditioner, gel, sprays etc. contains chemicals like sulfates, silicones and many other. These chemical directly triggers your acne and can be harmful for your skin (In some cases). Still if you want to continue using these hair products, try not to let these products get in touch with your skin. Also, dandruff can cause acne too. Wash your hair regularly and comb hair in backwards.

How to Get Rid of Pimple Fast at home -Hair Product

5. Not washing your face properly

We all are always in touch with the increasing pollution. Not washing your face time to time can make your skin dirtier and may results in formation of acne. You should wash your face twice a day but washing face frequently can make the acne worse and also face drier. Make sure you wash your face before going to bed.

How to Get Rid of Pimple Fast at home -Face Washing


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