How to get rid of Dark Circles? That’s one of the most common problems in both men and women is dark circles under the eyes. A lot of people feel that dark circles under the eyes make them feel like they look older, unhealthy or tired. What causes these dark circles and how to get rid of it? Your daily routine and lifestyle play the main role in the formation of dark circles.

Even if you are looking for how to get rid of dark circles, the truth is you can’t completely get rid of dark circles under your eyes. The major causes for this might seem fatigued, but many other causes can get dark circles under your eyes.

As you grow older, your skin thickness and collagen keep reducing. The skin around the eyes is thin as compared to other body parts. This makes the appearance of your blood vessels more prominent and it looks like you’re having dark circles.

There are a lot of creams, treatments, and home remedies that may help you reduce dark circles under your eyes.

What are Dark Circles?

Dark Circles Under Eyes Cause Precautions and How to remove

As you grow older, you get wrinkles around eyes and we lose fat pads in collagen causing depression under the eyes resulting in dark circles (brownish discoloration).

A dark black spot can be seen surrounding your eyes that makes a person look older, deprived of nutrients and even reduces the freshness of a face. As time goes, these dark circles become bigger.

Natural aging is the most common cause. But nowadays dark circles can be seen even to young people. So, what are the reasons for these dark circles?

Reasons for Dark Circles around eyes

The following are the main reasons that cause dark circles.

  1. Natural Aging
  2. Genetics
  3. Changing lifestyle and diet habits

The most common and dominating reason for dark circles around the eyes is ‘changing lifestyle and diet habit’ as it accelerates the pace of natural aging and genetic issues.

You start looking older at the age of 20-25, which is one of the major problems of youngsters.

Reasons for Dark Circles around eyes

Many things may cause dark circles. Fatigue and incomplete sleep are the major sources of youngsters.

1. Fatigue

The most common and highly dominant reason for dark circles for the generation is fatigue. It is caused due to overexertion, jet lag or less food intake than necessary. If you are feeling less energetic throughout the day, you are subject to fatigue which will eventually result in the generation of dark circles around your eyes. 

So, to get rid of dark circles, the first thing is to reduce the fatigue levels in your life. 

2. Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep is also an equally contributing factor to the generation of dark circles. At least 6 hours of sleep is recommended for a healthy lifestyle. Quality sleep is more important for your brain to work properly. 

So, one of the best ways to get rid of dark circles is getting quality sleep.

3. Physical and emotional stress

Working in stressful conditions due to target-oriented work at your office is also an important reason for dark circle formation. Your blood flow reorients when you are in high-stress conditions. So, try to be stress-free, physically as well as emotionally. 

4. Smoking and consumption of alcohol

Smoking and consumption of alcohol can affect your health and form dark circles under your eyes. To get rid of dark circles, avoid consuming alcohol and smoking as well.

5. The excess level of caffeine intake

We generally consume coffee and caffeine products to get an instant boost in energy. But have ever thought that excess intake of caffeine products can cause health/beauty issues like dark circles? Yes, excess consumption of caffeine products is not recommended. To get rid of dark circles, you should reduce caffeine intake in your routine.

6. Allergic reactions

The pollution is increasing gradually and it’s possible that you can develop allergic reactions. Sometimes it can also be contagiously acquired. There are certain medications like ‘Allegra’ which can bring instant changes. Allergic reactions result in pigmentation surrounding your eyes.

7. Higher intake of salty food (fluid retention)

This might be shocking but it’s true. Consuming high salt content food results in higher water retention below your eye’s sensitive tissues. This results in swelling of the face. This fluid retention can be reduced by reducing salt intake. 

8. Too much exposure to the sun

Too much exposure to sunlight (between 11 am to 3 pm) results in dark pigmentation on the sensitive skin below your eyes. It can also magnify the effect of dark circle formation if you have a habit of rubbing your eyes frequently. So, try to stay indoor during a sunny time and negate the habit of rubbing your eyes. 

9. Shadow (eye socket)

The eye socket shape of every human being is different and it changes its shape with age. This results in shadow formation which gives an illusion of dark circles around your eyes. 

10. Thin skin

When you undergo excess fat loss, thin skin below eyes appears to be dark. Veins below eyes can be visible that results in brown discoloration. Following diet (Consuming less food)  may also lead to dark circles within 10-15 days.

How to get rid of Dark Circles?

1. Get sufficient Sleep

Get sufficient Sleep to get rid of dark circles

One of the major problems for getting dark circles is not getting enough sleep. A normal person should get at least 6 hours of sleep for better health and lifestyle. Most of the people are stressed due to workload, responsibilities and a few other reasons. Which leads them to get insufficient sleep and dark circles happen.

Allow yourself sufficient rest and ensure you get at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep. It will help to get rid of dark circles.

2. Add Nutrition to your Diet

Add Nutrition to your Diet to get rid of dark circles

Adding up nutritious foods to your diet can help your skin to repair. Have a diet rich in Vitamin C and iron. Food rich in Iron helps to improve hemoglobin and reduces dark circles under eyes. 

Iron-rich foods includes dried beans, dried fruits, eggs (especially egg yolks), lean red meat, oysters, poultry, salmon, and whole grains. Foods that are rich with vitamin C are citrus fruits, tomatoes, peppers, melon, and spinach.

  • Increase intake of protein-rich food
  • Add foods rich in Iron and Vitamin C
  • Consume more fruits (fibrous foods)
  • Minimum 3 liters of water consumption daily

3. Cold Compression Therapy

cold tea bag on eyes to get rid of dark circles

The basic principle of cold compression is when you compress /add pressure on your veins, they constrict due to low temperature that helps to decrease pigment formation. 

Keep cold substances like cold beans or cold tea bags on your eyes for a few minutes and repeat it for 40-45 days.

This is a highly effective method to get rid of dark circles if you follow them regularly.

4. Elevate your head while sleeping

Extra pillow under your head Elevate your head while sleeping to get rid of dark circles

This method may seem old fashioned but it has scientific backing. Sleeping in correct position may play an important role in reducing dark circles under the eyes. Elevate your head with a few pillows while sleeping, this will help to prevent fluid from pooling under eyes.

So, adding some extra pillows under the head while going to sleep can reduce dark pigmentation and will start showing results within 50-60 days.

Home remedies to get rid of dark circles

Everyone wants to look beautiful, but these dark circles make you look older and tired. Millions of people are suffering from the same condition and are looking for how to get rid of dark circles. There’s no treatment to get completely rid of it but following home remedies may help you to reduce it.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dark Circles:

  1. Keep potato slices on your eyes for 10 minutes daily. It contains anti-inflammatory enzymes that reduce dark circles.
  2. Keep refrigerated green tea bags on your dark circle area for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Increase fluid retention by using an additional pillow while sleeping.
  4. Apply cold honey on the dark area below the eyes before sleeping.
  5. Reduce salt intake slowly and steadily.
  6. Consume 2 egg whites daily. It can also be applied as a cream to reduce pigmentation.
  7. Minimum 6-7 hours of sleep.
  8. Keep fresh cucumber slices on eyes and keep on changing after every 2-3 minutes (Twice a day can be helpful)
  9. Use sunscreen lotions before going in sunlight.
  10. Soak cotton in rose water, milk, almond oil or baking soda and apply it to your dark circle areas. 
  11. Refrigerate a steel spoon and apply it gently on the dark circle area.  

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

In many cases, the formation of dark circles is genetic although it doesn’t mean that it cannot be controlled. Follow a healthy lifestyle to reduce dark circles under your eyes.

Vitamin C helps to strengthen your veins and minimize the appearance of dark circles. Add vitamin C to your diet and get the best results in dark circles.

Ther may be a case when you see dark circles under eyes due to lack of a balanced diet. It is believed that iron deficiency can affect your sensitive skin and can appear dark circles.

Allergic foods can cause swelling and dark circles under your eyes. Prefer foods that are less allergenic such as grapes, lettuce, apples, rice, honey and broccoli etc. Foods that contains sodium and potassium can also cause dark circles.

Dark circles under eyes mainly cause sue to rubbing and scratching the delicate skin, exposure to the sun, stress, incomplete sleep, etc. Avoiding such things in your daily life and having quality sleep/rest would be helpful to get rid of dark circles. It is said that drinking plenty of water can also help to reduce dark circles.

Conclusion - Expert advice on dark circles

  1. Dark circles are mainly caused because of fatigue, lack of sleep, physical and emotional stress, smoking and consumption of alcohol, excess intake of caffeine intake, allergic reactions, intake of sodium and potassium foods, etc.

    Dark circles cannot be removed permanently but it could be reduced with treatments and home remedies such as:

    • Getting sufficient sleep
    • Adding nutrition to diet
    • Cold compression therapy
    • Elevating your head while sleeping
    • Keep chilled potato slices on your eyes for 10 minutes daily
    • Reduce salt intake

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